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Word Counter is a great tool to help you count characters in text quickly. Support counting characters, words, counting the number of characters, words, phrases, short sentences, long sentences, paragraphs, pages, ... in the most accurate way.

Online character count tool, online word count helps you count words and characters in text accurately, saving a lot of time in manually counting characters of your content.

Just visit the SnapTools.org website and follow the instructions to check the word count in a document easily. Supports all platforms and browsers such as: Windows, MAC, Linux, iPhone, Android, Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Safari without software installation.

How to count words and characters in text?

  • Step 1: Paste the text to count characters into the input box.
  • Step 2: Press the "Count" button and wait a few seconds for SnapTools to process.
  • Step 3: The result of counting words and characters will display: number of words, number of characters, number of paragraphs.

How to count characters in text on iPhone, Android?

Our word counter works on web browser, allowing to count words and characters in text easily on all browsers and all operating systems like: Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge, PC, tablet, iPhone, Android without software installation.

Safe & Secure: SnapTools is a tool you can rely on without worrying about the security of your content. All submitted/uploaded data is automatically deleted after 1 hour.

With SnapTools, we will help calculate the number of words, characters and paragraphs quickly in a few simple steps. We will continuously upgrade the algorithm to give you the best experience! Please share this tool with friends and family. Thank you!