Free Online Tools

The best free online tools to create, convert, optimize

Online Video Downloader

Supports download video from Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter in 1080p, 2K, 4K and 8K quality for free.

Text Content Tools

A complete set of text tools, allowing you to create dummy text, generate random words, convert text to slug, count words and change upper/lowercase for free.

Website Management Tools

Summary of online website optimization tools. Support decoding and encoding HTML, CSS, URL, JavaScript, QR Code, and more.

Collection of free online tools is a collection of useful online tools for you. With more than 120 useful tools, SnapTools will help you handle any task. Supports all devices and platforms such as: PC, tablet, iPhone, Android without software installation.

Outstanding Features of SnapTools

  • Online PDF Tools: The tools allow you to edit and convert to FPD files online without installing software. Support converting PowerPoint, Word, Excel, HTML, PNG, JPG, TXT, RTF, ODT to PDF quickly.
  • Text Content Tools: Synthesize online word processing and editing tools such as: Dummy text loader, random word generator, text to slug converter, uppercase - lowercase conversion, word count, etc.
  • Image Edit Tools: Provides features that allow you to quickly edit and process images such as: Compress images, crop and edit images, encode and decode images, convert image formats, and more.
  • Online Calculator: Specialized calculator tools help you to calculate quickly: calculate percentage, calculate average, calculate sales tax, calculate deduction, calculate CPM and more.
  • Unit converter: Summary of the most popular conversion tools. Allows you to convert currency rates, speed, voltage, volume, temperature, region, etc.
  • Binary converter: These tools help you to convert numeral coefficients online for free: binary, decimal, octal, Binary, Octal, HEX, ASCII, etc.
  • Website Management Tools: Summary of useful tools to help you optimize your website online. Support decoding and encoding HTML, CSS, URL, JavaScript, QR Code, etc.
  • Online JSON Tools: Allows to view JSON online, edit and clean up JSON, convert XML to JSON, convert CSV to JSON, convert TSV to JSON, etc.

In addition to the outstanding features above, SnapTools also has other useful tools such as: Create MD5, look up IP information, encode and decode Base64, download Youtube thumbnails, convert colors, convert HEX to RGB, convert RGB to HEX, etc.